Saying you are to tight for yoga is like saying you are too hungry to eat.

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Plank Push Up

Chaturanga … plank… push up … one of your least favorite poses Chaturanga is such a demanding posture!. It requires good alignment of the arms and shoulders, and use not only of the muscles on the back of the body, but also on the front of the body... The whole body is used, actually, to...


Prepare the body first

Looks easy, no big deal... feet together knees out wide and fold. Wait, where the oil can? This pose of deep external rotation to the thighs, takes open hips and patience. If you have tight hips, back and thighs then start off seated on a block or blanket. This will lift your sitting bones...

Adho muka svasana

The Quintessential Pose

Adho muka svasana
This quintessential pose is found in every style of yoga and at least once in every class… sometimes many, many, times in one class! And if you are not doing it correctly it can cause damage to your shoulders, upper back, neck and even lower back and sacrum. So let’s talk about how to do...

Janu Shirsasana

Seated Forward Fold

Janu Shirsasana
This seated forward fold is a tease. A big fat tease. You would think its about getting your head to your knee - its not. It is about the length of your spine, your front leg and opening the bent hip. Easy enough, but there are a few tricks to the pose that will really make a difference!...

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