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Janu Shirsasana

Seated Forward Fold

Janu Shirsasana

This seated forward fold is a tease. A big fat tease. You would think its about getting your head to your knee - its not. It is about the length of your spine, your front leg and opening the bent hip. Easy enough, but there are a few tricks to the pose that will really make a difference!

Sitting with both hips even, bend your right knee and place the right foot as high into the left upper thigh as possible. Get as tall as possible by pressing the sitting bones into the mat, and lift your head straight up - like you are being lifted by your ears. Let the right hip pull back a little, so the hips are a small amount off balance.

Squeeze your right calf and thigh together… this will seat the right hip in place. Think about getting more of the outter right thigh down to the ground, and more of your inner right thigh looking up to the sky (rather then in towards the left leg) Now, lengthen the left leg by flexing the heel. You may have your knee bent or straight, either way, press the thigh down in to the mat – like you are trying to keep the mat in place. The key here is to keep your left heel on the ground – don’t let it lift no matter how much your mind says it will be better.

The tease is the fold. Press the left leg down, Squeeze the right calf and thigh…. Now grab your foot if you can- calf is good too- and pretend that you are pulling off really, really long socks. Use your back and shoulders. Yep, use your back and shoulders. Try to pull the sock up and off, hold this upper body strength for about 10 seconds then give up the sock pull and aim your eyebrows to rest on your toes (funny visual right?! Let me know if you actually get there!) The ego wants so badly to rest on the knee, but your goal is to have a really long back. Stay here for 10 breaths, then do all the sock pulling, calf squeezing, hell pressing once more…. And melt again.

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