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Parivrtta Parsvakonasana

A Revolving Pose

Parivrtta Parsvakonasana

Any revolving pose is challenging. You are asking your hips, legs and feet to stay stable and neutral while asking your belly, ribs and shoulders to twist. With anything, you are only as strong as your weakest link. We move from our most movable parts and sink into our most flexible places which can cause injury if we are not aware of where these places are. Think about building a strong base (lower body) and taking that strength up the spine as you rotate.

Start with the right leg in a lunge and take both hands on your right thing – right hand at the hip crease and left hand just outside the upper knee. Feel the hips and bring them to a neutral and stable position facing forward. Pressing down into the top of your back left foot, keep the tailbone drawing down and the pelvis lifting up (maintain neutral) and come forward deepening the lunge. Start to twist with both hands on the right thigh…. Use the right hand to help drop the right hip and guide it back and use the left hand pressing into the thigh creating the twist with a lifted sternum. To keep the legs active, drive the right heel in to the mat as if you could push the mat away from you. Now, press the thigh into the hard and the hand into the thigh to create isometric power. Look down at the thigh, and make sure you are not in a forward fold over the thigh but keeping the torso on the inside of the right thigh.

If it is available, lift the left arm up and reach it skyward to find more room in the waist, hip and ribs, then cross the left upper arm past the right knee. Again make sure you are not in a fold over the thigh but trying to rotate the belly button to look at the front of the right thigh. Bring your hands together in prayer (or a fist in the left hand and cap it with the right palm) and using the leverage of the arms against the leg, you can twist supported.

Here is the key- keep the arms in one straight line… don’t bring the hands to the face, but try to get the hands in a level line from the front left elbow to the back right elbow. Try to bring the top elbow down towards the right hip rather than up to the sky. Think length. Think straight spine and rotated ribs. Think heart opening to the sky.

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