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Emma H, Brighton MI

I just want you to know that I am always thinking of you & am so grateful for the impact you've had on my life. I am bringing yoga to my preschoolers (& teaching other preschool teachers how to do the same), teaching paddleboard yoga, adult yoga, & kids yoga and I wouldn't be able to have come to this place as a teacher without you & all you showed me about myself. :) Thank you for being you.

Deb B, Cornville AZ

I just had to tell you how great the class was today. My body still feels Amazing!

You are a fabulous teacher! I am so lucky to have found you.....Cannot wait for Core ll.

Marian, Cottonwood AZ

Thank you for a wonderful class this morning!  I am so grateful for your teachings, knowledge and spirituality.

Ann C, Village of Oak Creek

I really benefited from this class, (critical core) Stacey!  I was in pain when I came to class & within an hour afterward, it was gone.  I have been able to manage it with the stretches you taught us. Munay! <3

Joan B., Campe Verde AZ

After attending several yoga classes of Stacey’s, I felt comfortable enough to discuss some recent medical/emotional issues and asked if she could help via her energy healing. We discussed my issues in a comfortable and informative way. Stacey was kind and considerate and seemed to know and understand my struggles. We had a brief healing session which left me feeling better. A week went by and I felt stronger and more capable of understanding my issues yet that brought up more questions and gave me the freedom to know I needed more.

Our second healing session was remarkable, I felt like we got closer to the real problems. Stacey knew just what to do and went to work activating and releasing some very strong problems that had been plaguing me for a long time.

It felt like a miracle had occurred and my renewal, my mood, my body, and my emotions were healthy and alive again. Occasionally I test myself by asking what had been holding me hostage for that spell. I laugh at myself and quickly roll my eyes and say to myself, well it doesn’t matter any more.

Jerilee A., Cottonwood Az

On Saturday past I attending a workshop with Stacey at Spirit Rising Yoga & Healing. The workshop was Critical Core: Releasing the Psoas (or something very similar, the title, which isn't the point so isn't important....)

This class scared me a bit, honestly. She kept saying we would not be doing 2 hours of sit ups which relieved me like you just don't know. Since I could lay in Savasana (corpse pose - you just lay there and go away for awhile) and listen to Stacey all day, I decided to take this class and get more of her teachings under my belt and loosen up this incredibly important muscle. Well, I've gained a half-inch back, my lower back no longer hurts, I can bend over easier, stretch easier, sleep better, my brain feels better, in general my self is better.

It took a day to settle back into my self after that class. Everything in our body hinges on this muscle. The Psoas is amazing. I believe I was able to plank today, my first time e.v.e.r., because of this muscle's release. Stacey says it's the most important muscle in our body and you know what? She's right. Even my soul feels better. <3

Just thought you might want to know what this sweetheart looks like and why it's so important. Cool-looking, isn't it!!

Sheena U., Prescott AZ

I know I expressed how deeply meaningful this process (teacher training) has been for me yesterday, but just want to reiterate that and tell you how grateful I am to you for the amazing gifts that you share

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