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Gail, Camp Verde AZ

Stacey Bell is the embodiment of yoga; the union of mind, body and spirit. From the first week of classes with her, my breath has been able to go into parts of my body that I never knew was possible. Her instructions are subtle and extremely powerful. I had a Thai Healing and found myself creating mudras that I had never experienced before. Outside of class I notice the benefits of yoga. I quit taking anti anxiety medication after the first couple of weeks and feel calmer and more centered than I have felt in 20 years. My meditation practice has a renewed awakening and I am eternally grateful to Stacey for deepening of my experiences.

Sueb, Cottowood AZ

I came to Stacy's Class A year ago with a lot of experience in the fitness field ... I had my own studio for years and Connecticut and have a number of degrees and fitness education. When entering Stacey Studio I knew something was different and actually it help me change my life!
Along about June of when I move to Cottonwood, I broke my back kayaking. I've no idea what kind of condition I'd ever be in again. After a month of absence from her classes I was able to return and slowly start working on becoming whole again. I had broken L1 L2 L3 and L4 it was a serious injury and I never knew if I'd be okay.
I go to Stacy's classes 5 days a week and the Miracle is not only am I healthier than I was before, but I gained an inch back from the height that I had lost by crushing my spine!
Stacey is brilliant insightful and amazing teacher and has changed so many lives and our studio. I have also lost a size in clothing and 5 pounds in weight. In Connecticut I worked out daily at the gym and yet Stacy's class and yoga has son all these remarkable things. It is the most challenging class I've ever been in. The people that are attracted to the studio are genuinely solid good kind people I feel very blessed to have found Spirit rising in Stacy and all the girls and guys.
thank you,

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