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Teacher Training

Deepening Your Practice

Teacher Training

Its time for you...

Do you heal the call of Spirit urging you to expand who you are? 

Do you desire a more authentic life, one sharing your special gifts and heart?

Are you looking for a way to reconnect with your highest greater self?

Do you seek a way to share your love of yoga?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then this program is for you.


Spirit Rising Yoga & Healing Yoga 

2016 Deepening Your Practice

This year it is time for you to deepen you understanding of yoga and facilitate the magic you have been seeking.  Spirit Rising Yoga is excited to present a smorgasbord of workshops for you to choose from this year either for your personal exploration of yoga or creating a fulfilling path for you to earn your 200 hour teaching certificate.  Teacher training for 2016 will be done in module workshops rather than one all-consuming program.  We have found that this type of foundation not only welcomes you to come to the mat when you are ready and able, but allows the practice to be ready for you at that time.

You may join us for any, or all, of the workshops as your life allows. To earn your Yoga Alliance 200 hour certificate and to teach you will need to take all of the workshops.  To deepen your yogic experience, and enrich your life, you can choose just the perfect practices that speak to your soul.  Later, if you decide to teach, previously attended workshops will be counted (some restrictions apply)


Workshop Offerings:

 Getting Started

1.  Yoga Before the Yoga

2.  Breath and Stillness

3.  Super Highways

4.  Wheels of Life

5.  Anatomy of Asana

6.  Adjustments

7.  Sequencing

8.  Themes, Stories & Myths

9.  Tools for a Teacher

1 elective workshop…. Yin, Critical Core, Yoga 101, Balance,  or other 2 hour workshops that arise


Getting Started

In order to enter the teacher training program you will need to meet with Stacey to determine where you are and the best path for you.  We will continue to meet throughout the workshop / teacher training process. Sessions will be 20 minutes together to discuss progress, ask questions and stay aligned with your path.

 Getting Started, 12 meetings , private sessions $295      


1.       Yoga Before the Yoga

Sri Dharma Mitra (the amazing teacher who created the yoga posters and is the inspiration of every yoga pose book) said there is no yoga without yama. The yamas and niyamas are the first step on the 8 limb path of yoga and it is essential that we understand the path before embarking upon it. In this workshop we will meet weekly on Wednesday evenings for a yoga practice and discussion of the yamas (moral codes) niyamas (restrains) and the 8 limbs of yoga. This practice is the juice behind all of the teachings and can be perspective and life changing. Class will be both asana practice (all level) and discussion.


2. Breath and Stillness

Pranayama often called breath work is so much more than that.  It is the expansion of life force energy within the body while controlling the breath. Mantras are sacred sounds, words or phrases, with dedicated intentions that are used to focus the mind and harness specific healing qualities. Mudras are gestures created with hands to move or seal energy in the body.  With the workshop we will learn to calm the mind, body and spirit with breath work, mudras and mantras. Learn the major pranayama practices to increase, stabilize and chill out your energy. To heat up, cool down and clean out the body.

Breath and Stillness      February 18 & 19, 11am-4pm       $295

3.       The Super Highways,  Meridians and Vayus

We tend to think of yoga as a physical practice, sometimes even a spiritual or mental one, but in reality we need to access the ancient knowledge of the body’s inner mechanics to find the way home to the true authentic self. The meridians and vayus are the channels in which the prana and life force energy flows. With this workshop we will investigate, and play, with the subtle energies that make up the body. Learn how the meridians and vayus weave your life and how to heal them.

Super Highways           January 14 & 15, 11am-4pm      $295

4.       Wheels of Life, the Chakras and Koshas

While we have lived in the body our entire life, it can remain a mystery… walking circles through life without knowing the way to freedom.  In this workshop we will discover the magic of the chakras and subtle layers of the body called Koshas.  These energies often have us repeating the same misguided steps and mistakes over and over.  Learn to shift and transmute these energies to find the direct line to liberation.

Wheels of Life              March 18 & 19, 11am-4pm             $295

5.       Anatomy of Asana

The easiest way to find yoga is through the body… since we all have one. While it is so much more than just the body, we still need to know how to use the body to “get there”. In this workshop we will look at the HOW, WHY and WHERE of practice.  Learning the inside and outside shapes of poses both physically and energetically for your body. A MUST for any yogi

Anatomy,      2 weekends- dates tbd       $595

6.       Adjustments

Touch is not only a form of communication but a powerful tool for healing.  Learning how to adjust the mind, energy and body in a yoga practice is a delicate dance. This workshop we will look at the different ways to adjust not only your students but your own self on the mat.  An advanced workshop but desire to teach is not necessary.

Adjustments     dates tbd     $295

7.       Sequencing

Understanding how to dance is an important step before getting on the dance floor. Intelligent sequencing is a way to move energies through the maps for greater energy and health as well as keeping the body safe in an asana practice. Delicately opening to grace rather than succumbing to force, learn how to create a sustainable and beautiful practice. In this workshop we will learn how to sequence gentle, hatha and vinyasa classes for all levels.

Sequencing     dates tbd                    $295

8.      Themes, Stories and Mythologies

Since the beginning of time, we have told our stories through myth, legend and lore, passed down through generations.  These stories have shaper our modern mind and culture.  In this workshop we will learn the mythology of poses as well as how to relay these meaningful messages to our modern mind.  Themes in class help to focus the awareness and expand our experience.  A good theme and powerful message can make the difference from an OK class to a great class.

Themes      dates tbd          $295

9.       Tools for the Teacher , Putting it all together 

In this module we will learn how to use everything we have learned and integrate all that we are to create a profound career as a teacher. Tools for a teacher, module 9, will include class observation and in depth methodology on how to teach Spirit Rising yoga. This module requires module 1-6 completed. You will observe 10 classes and assist in 5 classes with discussion after each. A written test and a feedback class taught by you will be required for graduation.

The date and time will depend on each individual student and can be completed as fast or slow as you wish (6 month maximum)

Mentoring process to be a yoga teacher

Observing classes from a teacher’s perspective

Detailed direction in how to teach Spirit Rising Yoga

To read the body and adapt poses appropriately for your students

 Mentoring process to be a confident teacher

  Tools for a Teacher times and dates specific to student, $595


This program exceeds the Yoga Alliance requirements and is a Registered Yoga Alliance School.

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Yoga Alliance 200 hour Yoga teacher training is at your pace!  Modules will be available all year - take them as slow or fast as your life determines.  Follow this link to find out more and contact us to get started in this life changing program.

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